Friday, October 11, 2002

Yaaaay... Its Friday! I love this feeling. When I was a kid, I used to love the 'Saturday' feeling. That's because most of us had a half day of school which kind of ended up around 11am. The best part of the Saturday shool is that you have an early morning 'drill' - something that I enjoyed because I never properly did it by standing last in the row :-)

Sometimes I miss school and sometimes I don't. I certainly miss Kodaikanal, the place where I studied, because of its beauty. But when I am in India and I see little kids going to school with a 'tiffin bag' in their hand I feel two things. One is nostalgia and the other is relief. I feel relieved when I think - gosh those kids still have so much to study in life!!

Another thing: why do kids walk to school, but run back home?

Thursday, October 10, 2002

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.

-- Paul Simon, Wednesday morning, 3AM, 1964

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I wanted to post a funny image this morning but it somehow it didn't want to show up. I tried all sorts of commands but &*&^%$£ thing didn't want to make itself appear on my blog. Oh well...

So I decided to do what Suku asked me to do a while back :-) Write about the bloggers and my impressions of them. Bear in mind, I know all of you only on the net and so my impressions come with a disclaimer tag that I am not responsible for any misunderstandings. (i.e, you are actually bad but I say you are good etc).

Alrighty, I will start of with Nikita from Pune coz it was she who introduced me to blogs. Or rather after seeing her blog that I realised that there is something called 'blog' on the net. I watched her blog for a few days and after that I decided that I would like doing something similar. A place to archive all my thoughts and non-sense :-) Nikita has never commented in my blog but when I do place my comments in her blog, she has been nice to me.

From Nikitas blog I picked up the links to others. I felt like pulling the cheeks and those two pony tails when I first visited Suku's blog. She used to have this photo of herself when she was a tiny tot but she has I believe replaced it with another. She looked really cute in that pic. Sukanya Verma has a lively blog and I love going there to bug her. To be honest, I bug a lot of people. Those who know me in person will vouch for that :-p But I bug with a bit of jest and humour and never anything serious. And yes, of all the blogs I have seen, she gets the most comments - which shows how popular she is!

Next on my bugging list is Ashish. also known to the blogging world as Laughing Buddha. Hahaha... I can't imagine this guy walking with a huge belly with his hands up in the air. Can anyone imagine that? See I am bugging him here too! We both have a go at each other no matter where or whose blog we are commenting. A simple guy with a great blog.

Sonal so far has had the best looking blog for quite some time. Earlier she had this bright orange one and that was lovely. Now she has this serene looking one. She appears to me to be the serious type but hey I'm just guessing. But I do really like the way she mixes up with a collage of thoughts in her blogs.

Khushee from Australia. She is a real chirpy gal like the early morning sparrows. She renamed her blog because she liked the new name that I suggested to her. Like the name of her blog, Serendipity, she discovered blogging by a surprise accident and has been a constant entertainer since then. What I really do appreciate about her is that she makes it a point to visit all the others blogs and leave her simple opinions on them.

Then there is Gaurav who studies at IIM and also Satyen who is at Princeton the two brainy guys. I do visit their blogs daily but I am guilty of not commenting on them at times. Anita first came up with the idea of keeping a directory of Indian bloggers. She does not update her blog on a daily basis but when she does post there is usually some food for thought.

Damn! I am being nice to everyone ;-) Lets see how long I can continue :-p

Now comes those people whom I term as 'regularly irregular' bloggers. In the sense that they do blog quite regularly but there is no set pattern. Radzee Nidhi Rohini Nikki Rushi and Arun are the members of this club. I think in days to come I might submit my application to this club ;-) But to be honest I recommend everyone to visit their blogs. Because when they do write their words keep ringing in your head for sometime. Arun is a photographer - and its a blog that is worth a visit.

The only blogger I know in person is Ayesha. She got onto blogging after seeing my blog. I have met her in person just once for two hours when I invited her for lunch. On that day I was so hungry I had actually finished my lunch by the time she arrived :-p

Thats about it I guess. If I have NOT offended any of you please get back to me asap. I will try my best to reconcile the error ;-)

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

No one recognises a genius unless a certain authority confirms that he/she is a genius. This is so true in the case of scientists and the academic fraternity. This is the week when Nobel prizes are going to be announced and it is at this time that we hear names of peoples that we had never heard of before. A prime example of it is Amartya Sen. I hadn't heard of him (and I guess its true with most others) till he got the Nobel prize. Until then he was some obscure economist working on Bangladeshi issues. Likewise over the next few days I am sure we will all hear some weird names who are infact geniuses - because the Nobel committee says so.

In this context I would like to tell you all some thing about myself. I'm a genius too. I'm really a great guy. Heck I'm actually a role model for this world. Sometimes I wonder why the rest of the world is not like me. Maybe because if everyone was perfect like me, the world would be too perfect and boring. Fair enough. The fact is no 'authority' has yet confirmed that I am a genius - but when they do, you will all be glad that you know me ;-) :-p

Monday, October 07, 2002

New poll folks... just to cheer you up :-)

And the results of last poll:

Completely honest - NONE - (har har har...)
Mostly honest - 7/9 votes (yeah right!)
Mostly dishonest - 2/ 9 votes (thats more like it)
What is honesty - NONE - (what a shame.. )

Damn this world! *humph* Everything is upside down. Maybe I should just walk on my head. When people come into this world, they are naked and crying their ass off, while the rest of world is laughing at their glorious entry to this world. No one cares what that new born will do to this world - whether he / she will be good or bad etc. And when the person dies happily, the rest of the world is crying. I think it should be other way round.

Anyways... why am I in this foul mood this morning? Coz my next door neighbour has this cute four year old daughter who kissed me on the cheek when I said bye to her this morning. That really upset me! I mean, when I was a little kid, big girls used to pick me up and kiss me and say all goochy goochy stuff. Now I am grown up, only little girls kiss me! Why can't big girls kiss me for a change?

See what I mean? This whole world is upside down. *sulk sulk*
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