Monday, December 16, 2002

Holidays - I

Sorry that I have been so lazy in blogging. Its just that I am trying to stay as far from the computers as possible :p As it is I get only a few days holidays and I would like to savour it to the maximum extent.

Well this is the story so far. Got into my flight in London at 8:30am and it was freezing and miserable. I couldn’t see any part of London as we took off as the mist was quite low. I didn’t mind. I just cuddled up in my blanket and went to sleep only to be woken up a while later. Had b’fast and then went back to my sleep. They showed some Hindi movie with Bobby Deol and a couple of heroines. Something about stealing a diamond and all but since my knowledge of that lingo is drastic… I just went to sleep again. Then they showed the movie “Emperor’s New Clother” – a movie about Napoleon and his return to France from exile. It was rather good. Rest of the flight was mostly spent in the fine art of sleeping. :p

Reached Bombay around 11pm and after the switch over to the B’lore flight I met a guy who had studied at BITS Pilani and was trying to get an offer from LSE. I gave him some tips and told him that GMAT etc are not the stuff that they really look for. We parted when flight started and by 2am I was in B’lore. Much earlier than I had anticipated. Cousin had come to pick me up and my plans for half day stay in B’lore had been changed coz there was some urgent work to be done back home. By 11am I was in my town and guess who I should see first as I got off the train?? My sweet little one and half year old nephew – all waving his tiny hands at me and saying “maama”. That took away all my tiredness.

The rest of the time has been just meeting all my friends, eating loads of good food. and catching up on all the family gossip. Reading Tintin comics (I bought and entire set) and stuff like that. Visited our factory today and some new machines have come in which my bro was eager to show off. But that’s him… he loves all those mechanical stuff which just go over my head. The stocks and bonds are more to my liking.

I really have to go get a new computer. My nephew has wrecked this one. Half the keys are missing on the keyboard. He has chewed up the mouse and the microphone. I plan to install a new one before I go. My blogging sincerity will be weak over the next couple of weeks but I shall try as much as I can.

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