Tuesday, October 08, 2002

No one recognises a genius unless a certain authority confirms that he/she is a genius. This is so true in the case of scientists and the academic fraternity. This is the week when Nobel prizes are going to be announced and it is at this time that we hear names of peoples that we had never heard of before. A prime example of it is Amartya Sen. I hadn't heard of him (and I guess its true with most others) till he got the Nobel prize. Until then he was some obscure economist working on Bangladeshi issues. Likewise over the next few days I am sure we will all hear some weird names who are infact geniuses - because the Nobel committee says so.

In this context I would like to tell you all some thing about myself. I'm a genius too. I'm really a great guy. Heck I'm actually a role model for this world. Sometimes I wonder why the rest of the world is not like me. Maybe because if everyone was perfect like me, the world would be too perfect and boring. Fair enough. The fact is no 'authority' has yet confirmed that I am a genius - but when they do, you will all be glad that you know me ;-) :-p


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