Monday, October 07, 2002

Damn this world! *humph* Everything is upside down. Maybe I should just walk on my head. When people come into this world, they are naked and crying their ass off, while the rest of world is laughing at their glorious entry to this world. No one cares what that new born will do to this world - whether he / she will be good or bad etc. And when the person dies happily, the rest of the world is crying. I think it should be other way round.

Anyways... why am I in this foul mood this morning? Coz my next door neighbour has this cute four year old daughter who kissed me on the cheek when I said bye to her this morning. That really upset me! I mean, when I was a little kid, big girls used to pick me up and kiss me and say all goochy goochy stuff. Now I am grown up, only little girls kiss me! Why can't big girls kiss me for a change?

See what I mean? This whole world is upside down. *sulk sulk*


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