Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Can you guess the size?!

One obvious feature in the human body, though less frequently noticed, is that there exists symmetry. More visible is the vertical symmetry wherein if the human body were to be sliced from centre of the head and down to the back orifice, one would get an almost perfect two halves. Most of the organs, barring the heart, would be found in each of the halves. Heart by itself is rather symmetrical with its four ventricles though not very exact.

But the less obvious is the horizontal symmetry. Most of the readers might consider that I have a very pitiable sense of imagination by the time they have reached the end of this article. Nevertheless, I guess it is worth an effort to share my thoughts.

I believe the entire human head finds a very probable replica of itself right below the torso. The hair on the head is mimicked by the pubic hair below the navel. The eye-balls I believe are replaced by the genitals and the nose by the extravagant penis. The mouth is of course represented by the more elastic back orifice; the attractive cheeks are represented by the spongy bums. And finally the hands that dangle out from the neck are embodied by the equally charming hairy legs that dangle out from the torso!

Consider the importance of these symmetrical appendages with respect to their function. The eyes, poets say, are windows to this world. Sadly, none of the poets ventured to say, genitals are the windows to the next world! While the nose has the obvious role of sniffing and breathing, the more attractive penis plays the fascinating role of stimulating the opposite member of the species. Interestingly the nose hurls out plasma like mucus while the penis does its part in ejaculating plasma like semen. The mouth as a front orifice takes in energetic fodder while the back orifice excretes it. The mouth is the exit point for half the gas formation in the form of a burp, while the other half comes out as a fart from the rear. I believe the reader should now be able to grasp the similarity between hands and legs in this unique comparison.

I do concur that these evaluations have been audacious and supported only by my contrarian sense of imagination. Nevertheless I believe this line of thought presents a wide field of opportunity to probe further. If a proper study is made I presume one could actually guess the size of man’s private organs, namely the penis and genitals, just by looking at man’s nose and eyes!
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