Thursday, January 09, 2003

Money penny

Is money bad? Personally I don't think so. It's what people do with money that can be classified as good or bad. There is an old saying "it's easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to get a rich man into heaven". But I do know many rich people who are equally humble and never flaunt their wealth. They are also averse to using their wealth or money to bring upon influence on any person or place.

Needless to say we all would love to have money. The other day a friend of mine was saying that he would love to have so much money that he shouldn't think twice about buying anything in this world. I told him that his life would be too boring if he had so much money. The entire thrill is in the chase and not in actually possessing it. Chasing and wooing a girl is actually more fun than having her as a girl friend ;-) The same goes with money. Trying to earn the first million and then churning more and more of those millions is exciting.

Mario Puzo, the author of the famous Godfather, starts of his book by stating - 'behind every success there is crime'. I don't agree with that. There are lot of rich people who have earned the green money by sheer hard work coupled with lady luck. But I can get the gist of what Puzo meant. He was talking about all those mafias and politicians who happen to land with burgeoning bank accounts whenever the wind sways. But I was confused with another quote (when I look at from money point of view) that read: "a honest man is one who has never been caught." Are you honest? ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you will spend all your life chasing and wooing a girl since that is more fun :)

Guess you dont have the luxury to do that anymore :)

12:44 pm  

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