Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Bathroom with a view :-)

I wake up every morning at 5:15 so that I can hit my desk by 7am. I take my own sweet time doing my morning chores. I can wake up however early I want but I can never hurry through the morning tasks. I need at least fifteen minutes for the dump (just long enough to turn an Archie’s comics through) and another 15 minutes for brushing and shaving (while I admire my handsome face -not!) and cap it all with a half hour shower. I hardly take couple of minutes to dress up after my pooja and am usually having breakfast by the time the 6:30 BBC business news comes on.

It was the same routine today except for one thing. I woke up and drew myself slowly out of the bed towards the toilet. I pushed the curtains aside and surprise surprise...there was snow outside. I blinked a couple of times to make sure I was not seeing things. I was right!! I shouted to my flatmate immediately to come and look at the snow. Obviously he found my excitement in poor taste considering that he had slept at 2am the previous night. He just mumbled and went back to sleep. I on the other hand decided to enjoy the beautiful sight. I consider myself blessed because I don't think there are many people in this world who get to see from their window the Tower Bridge covered with snow while they take their morning dump :-) Even the pavements next to the river where stark white and I could hardly see any brown earth.

I had a hurried breakfast because I was eager to step into the snow. I covered myself with layers of warm clothes and put on my gloves and cap. One small step for Teshu and it was a giant leap of childish joy. As I walked I had to be careful not to slip and fall as most of the pavements had become ice. I took off my glove and ran my hand on the snow. It seemed warm. I knew another couple of hours it would have all melted off. We don't often see snow in London. But when it comes I make the most of it :-) As I walked to work I could see most of the cars were driving with heaps of snow on top of them. Cycles and bikes chained to railings were fully white. Old people were cursing the weather while young ones were enjoying the white powder. I was the silent observer :-)


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