Monday, January 06, 2003

Work, work, work...

Today is my first day at work for the year. Walked in here at precisely 6:55am after braving the early morning cold weather. I had put on three layers of warm clothes but still the wind seemed to be able to easily penetrate and freeze my bones. I hate it when my ears freeze. It hurts a lot as they thaw when I enter a warm room.

No one from my department had yet arrived. Few of them are still on their holidays. Others are taking their time knowing fully well that the New Year is yet to kick off as most fund managers will not report to duty till early next week. I switched on my PC. The monitor took its own time to warm up because it had been lying idle for more than three weeks. Applications slowly came to life - DataStream, Reuters, Outlook, Word, Excel etc. As always the first thing I checked was the mail inbox. There were 776 mails from various sector analysts. About a couple of dozen or so from my family, friends and relatives wishing me for my b'day and New Year. It took be about half an hour to delete all the analyst mails. I didn't need to read them since most of the news by now would be stale.

By 7:30 I went to the usual morning meeting. Hardly any speakers and there wasn't much news to speak of. Car sales around the world had been better than anticipated and so the general news was to keep a tab on the stocks of the spare parts manufacturers. Came back from the meeting and decided to catch up on the news in my sector. I still have loads to work on and so I will sign off here


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