Sunday, January 05, 2003

To India and back again...

I am back. I sort of went on a hiatus without actually telling that I was going on one :p The last 21 days have been really great. I went to so many places and yet I felt that I have been staying in one place. I guess that's the feeling we get when we return to India - the whole place seems like just one big thing.

My last update on the blog was on 16th December. That was on my bro's birthday. It took me literally an hour to write that up for umpteen reasons and that made me decide to just stay away from computers. I am glad to see my computer in my room, which has a full keyboard and a steady connection ;-)

The best part about going home is the attention and pamper that you get. Well at least initially. I always notice this - during the first week everyone is like eat that and eat this and they serve you more than you can stuff yourself. During the second week that sort of pampering wanes down and they just call you for lunch or dinner and at most they serve the dishes of your choice. And by the end of third week they will start having their food whether you are at the table or not. It all picks up when it hits them that you will be leaving again in the next 3-4 days and again they start to stuff you with all the lovely food.

The same goes with all the relatives. The moment you land up at the house they all call you and invite you. "Teshu, you surely must come to our place this time. Last time you came you didn't even stop by". The next call from them will be when I am about to leave the country once again "Teshu, make sure you make some time for us when you come by next time. Bon Voyage." But nowadays I have made it a habit to tell them that I can't travel all over the place and it would be best if they could come down and visit me and stay with our family.

The best feeling is when your favourite cousins drop by without telling you. And that's why they always remain favourites coz they know how to put a smile on you. My cousins did that this time and we had a ball. They stayed with me for two days and I went back with one of them to his village, which is about 300 kms from my place. I love going to his village coz it is much smaller than ours and is nudged between four stony mountains. His village is also along the banks of Tungabhadra River just like ours and we spent hours together catching up on the gossip.

I have many stories to tell but I shall save them for another day. I landed in London on my birthday and I missed home a lot. I am sure they missed me too. After landing I called home and then all my friends here. Surprisingly most of my friends remembered my birthday (maybe I have been advertising it too much :p). Its Sunday morning and I am just going to relax the whole day. Tomorrow work starts at 7 and I am sure I will have lot to catch up on. My video game has been lying idle for last 3 weeks and its time to get it back in action ;-)


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