Thursday, December 12, 2002

Home Sweet Home...

I'm all excited. Seriously I am. Another 24 hours I will be flying over Europe. Another 48 hours I will have zipped across Bangalore - said hello to few of my friends and at this exact Indian time I will be on the train to go to my town. Along with me will be my cousin and a long time friend. We all know each other since the time we learnt to wear chaddi. My cousin and my friend know each other too. And we are the type who freak out. We will get down at each stop and eat all the tit-bits that people sell.

My bro wanted to come to B'lore to pick me up but I told him not take the trouble just for my sake. I'm not a lit kid am I? And its not like I will be travelling alone. But one day I plan to do this: I want to visit them just out of the blue. No one should even know that I am going to come down. I will just one day land up in front of my house and press the door bell. I can only imagine how surprised they will be

I have stayed in various hostels and places before. But the thrill of heading back home is something undescribable. I am sure there is not a singe day when Sonal or Satyen or even others studying in various places away from family, don't think of home. I don't know if others notice it but I feel I have been humbled by living abroad. I now appreciate my country a lot more and I appreciate little things in life much more than I did before.

And you know whats the best feeling? It is when you hear the aircrafts' tyres do the thud and a small screech on the touch down. And you know you are back in India


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