Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Do we all see the same colours?

Iris. The complex structure of cells through which we see this entire world. And like our finger prints it has its own unique shape and design for each of us, giving us an unique identity.

Why am I saying all this? Well look at it this way - does an uniquie iris for each of us mean that we all see different colours? Yes we all see a variety of colour but do we all see the 'same' set of colours? For instance this line is yellow. At least in my eyes. But are you seeing the same yellow that I am seeing? You may be actually seeing my pink but you have been told from childhood that, that particular shade is yellow. Like wise the yellow that you see, could be green for me - but again I have been taught to point at that particular as yellow.

Confusing? I know it is but if I had to put it succinctly then all I can say is that - I have this innate feeling that we all see different colours from each other (for the same object) but we have just been trained to point at certain colours to say this is this. My gold could actually be your silver. Your burgundy could be my peach.

Why did I even think of this? Because I was reading that bees see thousands of more shades of colours than us humans do. They can also tell from quite a distance if a particular flower has nectar or not just from the change in colour.

I on the other hand have to wear glasses hahaha


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