Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Strange freaky incident

It snowed again last night. Not as heavily as the night before. The met fellows had said it would be heavier than ever before but they got their predictions wrong. But it was much much colder and probably that's the reason it didn't snow. There are a couple of tiny waterfalls and a small canal that flows next to my house. But a large part of it had turned to ice. It looked real nice with the light reflecting off it.

A funny incident happened yesterday. The last couple of days I have been in search of a new house for myself. My present landlord wants to renovate his house and so I will be vacating it by the end of the month. I went to my previous letting agents company and asked for Anthony, a very friendly person that I know, but they told me that he had left the company a while back to work somewhere else. So I just told whoever there was that I was in search of a new home and gave him my budget constraints. They said none were available right now but will let me know if something drops in.

You can't rely on these agents. Even if they have they will not let it out because they would like to force you to rent a costlier house knowing fully well that you are restricted by time. So I was searching the Loot (a free ads newspaper) in the classified 'houses to let' section. I found a nice apartment that was available very close to where I was staying and within my budget. So I called the agent.

Me Hello, my name is Maltesh. I was just looking at your ad in the Loot and was wondering if the house was still available for rent.
Him I am sorry that house has already been let out but we are letting agents and if you tell us your requirement we would be able to offer you a similar one.
Me I was looking for an apartment for single person somewhere close to the city. Right now I am based near St. Katherine's Docks and I would be happy if you could find me one within that area.
Him Ok sir, right now we have only one available in that area. Probably you could come and have a look at it tomorrow evening.
Me That would be wonderful. Shall we say tomorrow around six in the evening?
Him That's fine with me. Can I have your name and number please?
Me Sure my name is Maltesh and my number is #### ######.
Him Maltesh... that name sounds very familiar.
Me Does it? That's strange. Not many people in London have my name. What is your name?
Him My name is Anthony.

It was the same Anthony that I had gone looking for in the other letting agent's office! Now what are the odds of that happening in life? I search a local free ads paper and search for a house among the hundreds that are advertised daily. I pick one out and the first one that I call leads me to the same person I was looking for. The more I think about it, The more I get freaked out :-)


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