Tuesday, September 10, 2002

* Why is it that when Americans or Brits die, it is a tragedy but when dozens of Israelis / Palestenians / Kashmiris / Pakistanis die, it is back page news?

* Will America and Britain go to war everytime they don't like certain regime?

* If the permanent members of UN can have weapons of mass destruction, why can't Iraq or any other country have it?

* How long will everyone tolerate American attempts to police this world?

* If America is so much enthusiastic about 'democracy' in Iraq against the present dictator Saddam, why does it have Musharaf as an ally?

* Or for that matter why is America silent over Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe or the army's brutal rule in Burma for last 40 years?

Though my prayers go out to families and friends of those affected by Sept 11 tragedy, I think its high time US had a rethought on its international policy. Or for that matter other countries had a rethought on their policy towards US.


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