Monday, September 09, 2002

Do you know what the biggest sin in life is? It's being born coloured. This whole damn world judges you by your colour. Blacks are shit, whites are cool, brown is only worthy to be stepped upon. God-dammit. Why can't they just let us be? It's not like I have a choice in that do I? I mean, I can't choose what colour I want to be and all. Given a choice, I would like to have pink polka dots all over me but no, I am brown in colour. Yeah brown! The fella up there must have had a poor colour palette when he painted this world. So there I was one day basking in the sun with my friends. Out pops these few 'gora' guys. After looking at me one of them whines:

"Look what we got here... some fine brown shit". There you go... once again being pointed by your colour. Im sick of this. He picked me up and dropped me back down. Ouch that hurt but you can't really pick on these guys. They have weapons that can rip us apart in minutes. And we are not all that strong to be honest.

"Alright, lets take as much as we can" said the guy who had just shoved me. So they just dug into us like as if we were there for cherry picking. Not that you should pick cherries or anything... but as the saying goes... you know.

They loaded us into the trucks and there was hardly any space for us to move. They drove for quite some time before we came to this house on the outskirts of a village and they shoved us off the truck. An old man came by and ran his hands over us. "A fine booty" he said. He paid the truck guys some money and now we were his property. Now that those 'sellers' had gone, he started to divide us into groups and sub groups. He ordered a few of his servants to get some water going. He was going to clean us. He heaved us into a large basin that was being filled with water. His servants were stepping all over us in a bid to get the dirt out. "Get going, we need to finish this lot before nightfall" the old man kept screaming.

By nightfall gallons of water had gone through us and the whole lot of us had been squelched. We were now 'supple' as the old man put it. He now put us into small tin confinements as if we were going to escape. We were closely packed and sometimes beaten to accommodate everyone within the tight space. That night there was no air. It was as if all the air had been sucked dry. I had slowly settled into a position that I could spend comfortably and so did most others. As dawn broke we were shoved out of those tins and exposed to scorching sun. We were still stuck together as if we had been glued. Some of the others tried to break up, only to be shoved back into those tin caves and beaten up. You see, black guys among us are more tough. They rebel more and cut loose more. We brownies are more 'mellow' and so we are the easy targets.

That evening another truck came. Those of us who had behaved properly were loaded in the back of this truck and driven off. We travelled all night and next morning we were carefully taken off and shown our new quarters. It was still being built or rather we were there to complete that task. But for now I was to rest in one corner and the only thing that they gave me was some cool water. They said water hardens us up. Two days later I was picked up. I was taken to the top of that building and before I knew I was shoved on some wet cement. I couldn't move. Those guys kept talking as that cement dried around me. This was going to be my home.

My freedom? Well, it will come - many years from now when all my fellow bricks age with me and we all collapse with no strength to hold onto our own weights. On that day, I will be that brown mud that I once was - and be free to fly the crimson sky.


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