Sunday, September 15, 2002

Well it's a late blog-post for the day but I was kind of muffed on certain thoughts. Today actually I wanted to take the avatar of a fly and then that of a wicket. Two entirely different things but certain confusions stopped me from taking those avatars.

Firstly, does anyone know how a fly lands on the roof? I mean, it is very easy to imagine how a fly lands on top of a table or even inside the costliest soup that you order when you go on a date. But how in the world does it land on the roof? I used to see them crawl all over the roof when I was in my village but I never really stopped to have a good look at how they land on top of the roof. Do they turn around at the last moment just before they hit the roof? Or do they turn around half way in the journey and then fly upside down till they reach the roof? This topic has been bugging me and before I turn myself into a fly, Im gonna find out how they do that. Thats the sad part of London - little things like flies and mosquitoes can't be found easily.

After that, I decided to take some other form. So I thought of cricket (as in the bug) which eventually made me think of cricket (the sport). I was wondering why not take the form of stumps. Yes, the three sticks behind the batsman. Imagine standing there when rock-hard balls whiz past you at mega speeds. While thinking of writing about this, I got stuck again. The question this time was - what is a hat-trick? Yeah, I know its three wickets in three consecutive balls but what does the term stand for? How did it originate? What does 'hat' and 'trick' have to do with the whole thing anyway?

So thats where I am stuck now. I will take an avatar soon, but my first task is to go find answers for these two things that are eating my head on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.


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