Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The saga of my life continues...

On October 1st 2000, on a crisp autumn afternoon, I landed for the first time in London. On that day there was anxiety and hope. Anxiety because I was in an alien land, pursuing a costly course in a prestigious institution backed by a huge debt. Hopeful because I had the confidence that one day I would come out of it stronger and better.

Few months into my studies, I was offered a very good job in one of the top investment banks in Europe. Needless to say I took it without a second thought for I was thirsty to gain the ‘London’ experience on how the stock markets worked. Months passed into years. Daily 12-hour work shifts drilled a lot of things into my head that I had not known before. What I had learnt in theory was tried and tested in the real world.

When I took up my job I had told myself – London is only to gain the rich experience. The real test for me will be India, when I go back to my home country and prove myself worthy. And the time to be tested has come.

I am returning to India for good - no I didn’t lose my job. In fact I said adieu to my company last week. I had to keep it under wraps because I still had to speak to quite a few in the management before they actually let me go. I need to stay another couple of weeks until all the sensitive information that I know is actually gone into the market. And so, on 19th of March 2003, exactly 930 days after my first step in London, I return back to “my” country. The country, that flows through me. :-)

I am excited. I know I have a lot to prove in life going forward. Many challenges and obstacles to face; victory and triumphs to savour. I guess I am ready. I have thrown in the gauntlet and now there is no turning back. I hope I have all the courage and determination to achieve the goal that I have set for myself. :-)


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