Tuesday, March 04, 2003

What is ToK?

Hmm.. have any of you people wondered why I changed the name of my blog from "Maltesh's Avatars" to "Theory of Knowledge"? Well ToK was actually a subject that I studied when I was in Kodai school. It was not a graded subject but it was just one of those options that I could take to get my required amount of credits. I never have regretted the decision of taking that course :-)

What was ToK all about? It was just a discussion class where most of the times we were segregated into boys vs girls. Girls outnumbered us in that class and it wasn't easy to always win arguments with them. I mean there is an old saying "ask two girls and you will get three opinions..." and so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to argue and win with them lot yapping away ;-)

What kind of issues did we discuss? Most of the times they were current affairs but sometimes more serious issues like, abortion, living with HIV people, arranged vs love marriages, secularism (or the lack of it) in India, and the list goes on. Sometimes we would debate on famous quotes like Voltaire's "common sense is not so common" or Nietzsche's "without music life would be a mistake" kind of stuff.

These debates would spread over several classes. During the first few takes we would debate using our general knowledge but as classes progressed we would go to our library (Kodai school has the biggest school library in India) and do our research for stronger arguments.

That is why I chose to name my blog as "Theory of Knowledge". A place where people can feel free to debate, post their comments, correct me if I am wrong and help me gain more knowledge. Hopefully as time passes I am able to convert that knowledge into wisdom :-)


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