Friday, February 28, 2003

Cave dwellers!

A few days back I put up a post about the extraordinary precautions America is taking with regard to any likely terrorist attacks. The website Ready, lists out various measures an individual or family should take in the event of a bio-terrorist attack.

When 9/11 happened America went all out against Osama and his cronies. They bombed their way right up to the Tora Bora caves because that was where Ossy boy hid. No amount of cluster bombs and buster bombs could get him out. It seems he just dug a bit deeper and bit sideways and got out right under their nose. But Ossy was not going to forgive the Americans for making him spend his weekends in caves when otherwise he could have been busy producing more children. So I think he decided to get back.

The 9/11 and the subsequent war on terrorism, has got Americans more panicky than ever. And Ossy knows this better than anyone. So I believe once in a while he will create some scene in America and the panicky administration will ask its citizens to hole up in their homes, wrap their rooms in duct tapes and eat out of tinned cans (make sure you have enough pet food to feed the poodle!).

All this is making me wonder who really are the cave dwellers? The Talibans or the Americans?


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