Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Half knowledge is worse than no knowledge

Here is CNN's transcript. Here is the BBC's.

That is how this website starts off in its outburst against the disparity between CNN and BBC with regard to the transcript of Hans Blix's address to the UN Security Council. Of course, CNN eventually put back the complete version of Blix's statement after receiving complaints from numerous people. If you are really interested in viewing the old version you can click here. (via It is the Google's cached page.

Just to arouse your interest, here are a few paragraphs that CNN took the liberty to delete.

"The presentation of intelligence information by the US secretary of state suggested that Iraq had prepared for inspections by cleaning up sites and removing evidence of proscribed weapons programmes.

I would like to comment only on one case, which we are familiar with, namely, the trucks identified by analysts as being for chemical decontamination at a munitions depot.

This was a declared site, and it was certainly one of the sites Iraq would have expected us to inspect.

We have noted that the two satellite images of the site were taken several weeks apart."

Why did CNN choose to ignore this vital information? The answer is simple and it is what I have been saying all along: US media is disgustingly polarised. 'It' decides what people should see and holds utter contempt to what the real facts are. Evidence above, it holds scant respect to what Blix fully said. And it is this polarisation that makes the US citizens believe they are always right regardless of what others say.

That said, I must admit the media in other countries (especially India) is no different either. A few days reading of both Indian and Pakistani newspapers will prove my assertions to be true. It is 'we the people' who should realise that there exist filters and therefore hunt for the full un-edited versions.


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