Thursday, March 06, 2003


Ok Australians face Sri Lanka tomorrow at the Super-Sixes. I am sure despite all the smiles on their faces, there will be a lot of bad blood in the air between the teams. All because of one man's elbow. I mean if it wasn't for Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling arm, I am sure both Aussies and Lankans would have got along just fine.

Remember the number of no-balls Murali "threw" in 95-96 and then in 98-99? I think he crossed some thirty odd in just one over. Since bowling law requires the arm to be straight when the ball is released, Murali was called for scrutiny. This issue has been going on for long and "expert" doctors said that Murali's wrist and arm are "bent" and they cannot straighten out. Hence Murali was not at fault!!

Personally I think if someone is not capable of bowling as per rules then he shouldn't bowl at all - regardless of physical deformity. Let him do whatever else he wants. If it wasn't for 'chucking' the ball, Murali would not have been so successful spinner, would he? Prem Panicker also made a similar point about Shoaib chucking the ball in the recent game against India. I feel its high time the cricket boards came down heavily on this issue.

Bishen Bedi sums it up best: "If Murali doesn't chuck, then show me how to bowl. I have nothing against him personally but it's grossly unfair to the game...Perhaps he would have made a good javelin thrower."


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