Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Oh people - you reap what you sow!!

What a furore these English people make on the subject of playing in Zimbabwe during the world cup. But I fail to grasp why the common wealth countries like ours and Australia should support and make such a big issue out of this.

Ok ok.. so we are trying to uphold our ideals and point out to the world that our sportsmen will not play in a country that is so brutally ruled by a dictator (albeit we would bury our heads in sand when it comes to trading with the same person). Why is it that most of the cricketing nations are listening to hypocrites like England? After all less than a century ago it was terrorising dozens of colonies where there was an utter lack of freedom of press, there was no rule of law, and the average citizen was faced with imprisonment, torture, rape, beatings, and systematic starvation for supporting the Opposition. Lest we forget it was the British who taught the world how to go about all those brutal things. And now it is this same hypocrite British trying to show us morals. There is a saying that - no one needs to learn what chivalry is about from a rapist.

I wouldn't know how good or bad President Mugabe is but the oft heard complaint from Englishmen is that he grabbed the land that belonged to the white people so that he could re-distribute it to his fellow black people. Of course there was no rule of law that legitimately allowed this - but hey, neither was there any law in existence when the colonists looted and plundered Zimbabwe for several decades. Where was the white man's voice of 'human rights' during those years? Personally I don't see anything wrong with what Mugabe is doing - and as our EC says, the days of white man ruling over others are long over. Despite the starvation in the short term (during the transfer of land), I am sure Zimbabwe will be far better off in the long run by letting its countrymen till their lands.

If there is one proper way to snub British sense of aristocracy and supremacy then it would be wise for rest of the countries to play matches with full attendance on Zimbabwe's fields. Its funny how none of the (white) players in Zimbabwe team have opposed Britains' stand


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