Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Harris, Ayesha, Panna and I :-)

I know this is a bit late, but hey better late than never ;-) I have been wanting to write this but finally the nudge from Anya (and a complete blank of new ideas on what to write today), is forcing me to write up on my meeting with fellow bloggers. And before I proceed, let me warn that the Panna I speak of is my cousin and the not this Panna whom I found on zonkboard :-)

I was supposed to meet the bloggers on the day I landed in Bangalore but somehow I squiggled out of it and headed straight to my town so that I could be in time for breakfast. And so my chance to meet my fellow bloggers came when I was heading back to London. For that purpose I came to Bangalore a full half day earlier (and with a heavy heart of missing out the half day of fun at home) and landed in Bangalore at 2pm. I called up Ayesha who was monstrously busy as usual and told her that I was in town and that we should meet up. I told her to tell Harris and pass on the message to others. I must say she has poor skills in passing on messages ;-)

Well anyways I had to do some shopping for friends in Brigade road and so I told Ayesha that I will see her there around half past five. She said she will get Harris along. Panna and I headed off on his bike towards Kaveri emporium which deals with all sorts of handicrafts and sandalwood items. I have seen this street since I was a kid but to be honest I don't think it has ever changed much at all. Yeah some shops do some face upliftments but overall it’s the same ‘ol street.

Harris apparently had seen me on the street with my cousin but he wasn't sure if I was Maltesh. So he followed me into the shop and while I was shopping he tapped me on the back and asked "Are you Maltesh?". I looked at him and I knew this must be Harris (Ayesha had described him to me) and I wanted to point to my cousin and say - that was Maltesh. Somehow the good in me over took the prank playing side and Harris was spared :-p We introduced ourselves and sought his permission to continue my shopping. He said he would wait outside for me whilst he smoked his cancer stick.

I quickly finished my shopping and we called Ayesha. She said she was stuck in traffic - which is her most common excuse. She will never say that she is late. Blame it on the traffic is her motto ;-) The first time I invited her for lunch, she was actually so late that I went and finished my lunch and had built up enough appetite to have a second lunch with her. Anyways Panna, Harris and I headed off to this place called..umm.. ummm.. I don't recall the name but I think its called Cafe Day or maybe Coffee day, well who cares lets call it Cafe Coffee day.

Like gentlemen we wanted to wait till Ayesha popped in but after a while our hunger took the better part of our chivalry and we ordered our coffee. While Panna and I had cold version, Harris had the hot version of caffiene. A few minutes later Ayesha popped in and from then on it was yada yada yada :-)

We hung around there for about half an hour. We all had our own work to attend to and so it was time to bid farewell. But hey, how can a meeting with me pass off without any pranks? ;-) As we got ready to leave I noticed Ayesha's car keys lying on the table. I picked up the bunch and pulled out just the car key from the bunch and passed it on to Panna. Ayesha didn't see it missing. Out on the streets we bid farewell and as Ayshu headed for her toy car, the three of us followed her from a distance. Our smoking Harris Joe was the first to be spotted and she realised that something was amiss. Oh well! I had to give back the key. I wanted to see her reaction when she reaches her car and tries to open the door. :-p But I guess I was not to have my share of prank for the day. Well there is always a next time :-)


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