Thursday, March 13, 2003

One more reason...

I lurvveee America ;-) Hehe.. I have been reading with gales of laughter as my fellow brethren in the US House of Representatives start behaving like the Shiv Sainiks. Well to cut the story short, the House in the US has decided to rename "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" in order to show their protest against the French people for not supporting the US in the war.

Around the same time Donald Rumsfeld made a statement (which kept Blair awake all night) that US could go to war alone without the British, because the Brits have been naughty children who have been spanking the Poodle (no longer the British Bulldog) from going to war.

I am just wondering what will the American House of Representatives think of, in order to express their displeasure with the Brits. I guess they will start off with the 'english' language itself. They will pass a resolution stating that the language spoken in America should be called as "Ameri" or "Freedom language" or something like that. They will probably ask all 'english' speaking people to go, strip and register as well. Anyone with any 'english' accent would have to go get his or her mouth cleaned with Dettol and be asked to pay a fine. Three or more similar offences and they will be deported with a “freedom” stamp on their butt. Probably they will rename all the British bulldogs in US as Bush dogs.

Hyuk hyuk. I thought Shiv Sainiks were idiots when they went around renaming everything as Chatrapati Shivaji yada yada yada. But hey, we have morons on the other side of the world as well. No wonder this planet is so balanced ;-)


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