Thursday, February 06, 2003

Interesting dreams

Now I am the type of person who dreams on a daily basis - or nightly basis if you like (mind you, I do day dream a lot) but I am not the type who will remember the dreams in the morning. Last night was an exception - more so because I woke up because of my dream.

To be honest I dreamt twice last night - maybe more but I recall only two of them. The first one was about Tintin and me. Yeah - Tintin as in the comics’ fellow. The scene was taken straight out of his Black Island adventures. Its when he is running away from Thompson and Thomson after he is accused of mugging the passenger in the train. He is running on the street and ends up bumping into me and we both end up hiding in an alley. Whilst hiding, I go to the end of that alley and take a peek behind the wall. And there a Chinese man is making love to a Chinese woman. I point that activity to Tintin and that is where my dream ended. Or rather I woke up.

Now comes the interesting part. I went back to sleep because it was still a while away for daybreak. Towards early morning I dreamt something funny. This scene was taken directly out of the movie "The Great Escape". I have seen this WW2 movie probably a dozen times. In that movie the prisoners escape from the prison camp (obviously) and the German Gestapo are fast on their heels. Out of 76 that escape the prison only 3 finally make it. Most of them are then brought back to the camp. The leader of the escape plan, Sgt Bartlett is brought in front of the Gestapo chief and his subordinate.

In my dream I am also standing in front of the Gestapo having been caught and we two, i.e, Bartlett and I are being interviewed by the subordinate. Suddenly the whole argument blows up and I end up squealing that the chief of the Gestapo helped us escape in return for Swiss gold. The old chief is sweating and realises that the game is up and he takes out his pistol to shoot himself. He puts the gun beneath his jaw with the barrel pointing towards the brain. By the time the subordinate runs to stop it the shot goes off. We hear a loud bang, which is immediately followed by a *ping* sound.

The old man staggers a bit and doesn’t collapse on the floor as expected. Instead he puts his hand inside his mouth and takes out a gold tooth. The bullet penetrated the jaw and got stuck when it hit the gold tooth. I ended up laughing so much in my dream that I actually woke up laughing. This is one dream that I won't forget for a long time. :-)


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