Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Little robbers

This happened a few years back here in the UK. I forget the town where it happened but I know for sure it wasn't London. One fine day two little kids walked into a bank with an intention to rob it. One of them was a seven year old girl and the other, her brother, was aged five years. I'm sure you have all noticed how there is just a small gap between the glass panel and the counter through which the cashier hands out the money. It is almost impossible for an adults hand to go through. But a kids hand? Well it can easily go through and come back with a wad of notes.

And that is what exactly happened. The two kids had earlier in the day watched a bank robbery on a western movie. It so happened that their mother had not bought them the goodies that they had been asking for. So that's when they came up with idea of robbing the bank. The kids were so short that the cashier didn't even notice them standing in front of his glass cubicle. He was busy counting the notes when the five year old kid stood on top of his sisters back, put his hand through the gap and pulled out two wads of notes. They were £10 notes and so the kid stepped down with £2000 worth of money and gave it to his sister. And with that they cool-ly walked out of the bank.

The trouble began when they got home. They both started arguing who should have how much money. The girl insisted that the little boy was too young to have anything more than £10. The boy on the other hand insisited on equal share. The argument continued till late afternoon till the boy's patience wore off. He got up in a huff and walked straight to the bank. He went right upto the cashier and complained that his sister was not giving him his 'share' of the money.

The cashier - had earlier reported that £2000 was missing. And upon interrogating the boy, the banks officials went down to the boys house and recovered the money. By that time the girl had already spent some money on her accessories (what is it with girls and shopping??). In any case no charges were pressed against these two juveniles and they were let go. Talk about innocence :-)


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