Friday, January 24, 2003

Gulf war - Act 2, Scene 1

So what's up with all the UN inspectors checking hundreds of sites every week? They visit remote areas and Saddam's palaces and still they come up with nothing? Are USA / UK cooking up bunch of lies or is it that their secret services have not done their homework? Does Saddam have weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) or not? Something fishy is going on here.

From the way things are going, I have a strong nagging doubt that the inspectors know where exactly to look and what exactly to look for. For one, the inspectors would not have gone there to search unless they had the backing of American secret database. And America would, of course, love it if the inspectors did indeed find the WMD. But why is it that even after two months of search there has been no substantial findings?

The plot is this: The inspectors won't find anything till such time American troop build up is complete. Right now, I feel, the inspectors know exactly where everything is - but will look the other way. Once they get the green signal from USA / UK, they will swoop in on the hidden WMD's and announce the discovery to the world. The UN would have no choice but to pass another resolution to allow US to disarm Iraq. America swoops in, takes out Saddam and installs a pro-American puppet regime just like it did in Afghanistan.

There is also another aspect. What about all the scientists who work for Saddam? The way I see it, the cream of them will be taken to Cyprus for 'interview outside Iraq'. That is the time most likely the 'discoveries' will be made. And I would not be surprised if America states that these 'significant discoveries' were possible because of what the scientists disclosed during their 'interviews'. That is killing two birds with one stone. One - the scientists will never return to Iraq for the fear of execution (should Saddam's regime survive the war), and two, they would rather seek asylum in US / UK and work of those governments. Of course US / UK will not take all of them because they are 'dispensable'.

Well why am I saying all this? Because if any of you have lots of money in the stock markets then make sure you turn all of it into cash when the troop build up is almost complete. In these rough times cash is always the king ;-)


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