Monday, February 03, 2003

Does advertising pay?

The daily routine: I go to bed wearing an advertised nightdress and plop my head on the advertised pillow. I wrap myself in advertised sheets and advertised quilts and eventually drift towards sleep. I wake up in the morning when my advertised alarm clock beeps. I put on the advertised sandals and head towards the bathroom. I pick up the advertised toothbrush and apply advertised toothpaste and later wash my face. I get in the bathtub and take my bath while not forgetting to apply the advertised soap.

I go back to my bedroom and finish my prayers. Then I wear my advertised clothes, brush my hair using an advertised comb and put on some advertised cream. I switch on the TV to listen to more advertisements while I walk into my kitchen. I pour some advertised cereals in an advertised bowl and on top of it some advertised cold milk. I cut slices of advertised banana to add some taste. Finally I leave for work by putting on advertised socks and advertised shoes and a advertised leather jacket.

I hit my desk and put some calls through my advertised telephone. And through out the day I use advertised objects from pins to files before I head back home and have some advertised dinner. Finally I sandwich myself again between the advertised bed and sheets.

“Why don't you advertise?” - asked the publisher of the newspaper.
“Why should I - advertising doesn't pay. It just drains me of my capital, which I could use for better purposes.”
Of course, all is not lost for the publisher. He does get one advertisement: "Family run business - up for sale. Interested parties please contact box #12345."


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