Monday, January 27, 2003

Comparison of Indices

I hope the picture is clear. Just wanted to show you that Indian indices (BSE - sensex, and the Nifty) both have been cosistently outperforming the FTSE 100, and are at par to the Dow Jones index. The last 10 days has seen FTSE being wiped off by nearly 10%.

Ok let me make it simpler. Suppose I had $2000 with me and I invested on Jan 1st 2001, a thousand in FTSE and a thousand in the Delhi based NSE, I would have lost nearly $400 in UK where as I would have actually made $100 in India. A 10% return over 2 years in these turbulent conditions is actually pretty good - considering that you didn't even have to actively trade to get that kind of return. In other developed countries (which are eager to go to war), even active trading doesn't get them anywhere close to 10% net gain.


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