Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Fractals in the fourth dimension

When I first laid my hands on "A brief history of time" by Stephen Hawking, I was amazed at the concept of the fourth dimension. The fact that we all live in a three dimension world need not be stressed. It is also widely believed in the scientific community that time is the fourth dimension. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for man to imagine things in the fourth dimension. But allow me to make an attempt at showing the well known fractal repetition does exist in the fourth dimension.

In 1989 when America stepped into Kuwait to liberate it from Iraq, few people then knew that it was America that had given the green signal to Iraq to go invade Kuwait. Much has been said and written about April Glaspie’s role - and how she herself was misled into believing that US would not bother if Iraq invaded Kuwait. FYI, she was the US Ambassador to Iraq during the first Gulf war period. That the US has always desired to control the oil rich middle east is no secret. That the greasy Bush family has a disease called Oil-o-phylia is also no secret. To satisfy its thirst for oil – it wouldn’t mind taking its nation to war. And that is what it exactly did in 1990.

Fast forward to 2001- 2003. Two planes crash into two towers. Bush declares war on terrorism and that the nation is at war. The whole world watched the splendid fireworks that the United States unleashed on Afghanistan. Unfortunately their bombs hit the shit and scattered it all over the place. Al-Qaeda were no longer grouped in one country. People, who had never heard of Al-Qaeda, now knew everything about it thanks to the wonderful PR by the American media. Infact they over did to such an extent that they thought they could stretch the war into Iraq.

Obviously sane people (and thankfully most people are just that), saw through the game and realised that the attack on Iraq had two purposes. One to control the oil rich middle east and establish a hegemonial presence over there. And two, more important, was to botch up a few more points in the post invasion poll ratings. Therefore this fourth dimension equation, only a little bit more corrupted by the effects of time, looks like this: War on terrorism=attack on Iraq=media churns garbage = another term in the office.

Isn't it sickening how low the politicians of the developed world will stoop down to, just to remain in power? And ironically that's exactly what his father tried but failed. And if history wants me to have unflinching faith - then I hope it repeats itself. Bush, go back to your ranch and stay with your pigs.


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