Monday, December 02, 2002

Train Trivia

Kinda busy today. Monday morning and its the week after the Thanksgiving. So we have to analyse how the retail sales over this weekend went- which are considered the lead indicator to X-Mas sales. So that is going to take up much of my morning. Before that I thought I would put a small post on my blog. Actually its a trivia that has bothered me the whole weekend and I don't seem to have cracked the answer for it yet. So I thought - since all my friends are wise and knowledgeable ;-), I would put the question to them.

Do you know how the trucks or tractor tyres just spin in the same place and raise dust when they are in a situation where they have to pull something heavier behind them? In my village I notice that often. Our tractors get stuck in paddy fields and we usually get another tractor to come pull it out. But even in first gear sometimes the pulling tractors just skid and rotate in the same area.

Now why doesn't this happen with trains? Why doesn't the engines wheels spin in the same place? How come it can pull the entire band of thirty odd wagons behind it, all weighing tons, in just one heave-ho? I mean it doesn't even skid one bit! To top it both the train engine's wheels and the track are really smooth. Anyone know the answer? :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

trains dont slip because they take off exteremly slow so as not to spin once u get going hold her to the floor so once there going its easy but stopping is another thing go watch some tractor pulls at the fair most try to take off fast and end up spinning once u spin u lose traction i no because i pull tractors and thats how a wise man explaned this to me was using a tractor for an example

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