Friday, November 01, 2002

Yaay... its Friday!!

I changed my vote thingi today. Just wanted to know what others thought of different blogs / commenting systems. Here is the summary of the last one.

One thing you would wish for: (Total votes: 21)

be able to fly: 11... hmm we will need highways in the sky.
be invisible: 4... remember Mr. India ;-)
lightning from hands: 1 ... electrifying!!
understand women: 1 ... good luck, whoever you are :p
understand men: NONE.. hahaha.. :-))
slap Teshu for silly polls - 4 *humph*

And to continue to bug people (in my own unique and patented way), here is a piece of art which is actually an illusion.

There are more than 9 faces on this - can you locate them all :-)


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