Thursday, October 31, 2002

Yesterday I had some frustrating problems with Blogger and because I couldn't find a way to contact Blogger admin to report the probem, I wrote to Jason Shellen, who is the director of business development at, the people behind Blogger. This morning he got back to me saying the fault was on their side and they have rectified it. And in appreciation of me reporting about this fault Jason has made my blog ad-free at no extra cost. Thanks Jason. :-)

And now for my today's tale:

As Indians I think we are no strangers to the two great epics - Ramayana and Mahabharat. A vast majority of our nation worships either Rama or Krishna or both. Not to mention politics have played the divine cards and corrupted our views.

While surfing the net I came across an interesting article. It's an astronomical calculation of the dates which trace back Rama's date of birth. According to this article Rama was born on December 4th, 7323BC (now that's what you call accuracy!!). It also goes on to explain the complex calculations to assert its correctness and also lists a variety of dates during Rama's life. (scroll down to the end of the article). This made me search more articles on this topic and all of them (and many refer to the same author) have conclusively accepted this date to be correct.

Now if they have dated Ramayan, then Mahabharat shouldn't be so difficult right? Another search on Google gave me the answers. This article dates the various dates of the Mahabhart war (again by the same author). I seem to have lost another link which calculated the important dates in Krishna's life. Amazingly, according to that article, Krishna was born on December 4th, 5582BC and was aged 21 during the great war. I will search again for the link and post it.

Whoa! Now wait a minute. Both Rama and Krishna born on Dec 4th? I have a cousin born on this date and beleive me she is no saint!! (haha.. I hope my cousin reads this.. :-p). About a month ago there was an interesting discussion in Anita's blog and I kept insisting that astrology is a forgotten science. I don't know how many of you will agree with me :-)


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