Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I know two people with the same name called Ferzana. Both of them became my good friends over the last one year. The first Ferzana, global head of e-business at Tata Consultancy, got acquainted with me when my friend was helping her find a place to stay in London. I kind of took up the responsibility to get her acquainted to this place.

This blog-post is about the other Ferzana - the lady based in Manchester. I have heard quite a few "you got mail" type of stories but this one really put a smile on me. Here's the story:

One fine day when Ferzana was chatting with her best friend Vandana, scarce did she realise that her whole life was going to change forever. On that day, Vandana introduced her chat buddy called Amar to Ferzana. It so happened (like most good things in life), they just 'clicked'. Then onwards they chatted everyday for 4-5 hours (despite Ferz having exams) because she somehow felt he was more important than her exams. Well her instinct didn't fail. On Valentines day, Amar proposed to her and the net took the credit for bringing two more people together for life.

Neither Ferzana nor Amar have seen each other in real life to date. They either talk to each other or text each other on almost a daily basis. [No wonder British Telecom is making profits ;-) ] The marriage date is fixed for Jan 02, 2003 and both the families are going to see each other in mid-December. Amar is a software engineer and works in Gujurat. Ferzu works for the Govt's tax credit as a customer advisor and plans to move settle down in Gujurat with her new found love.

Did any one say that love is blind? Well look again... it is us who are blind. On the contrary love seeks out people in remote corners of the world and brings them together regardless of their creed, colour or religion. I wish both Amar and Ferzana the best in life and they deserve it all the more for sticking to their true love.


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