Monday, October 28, 2002

Ever heard of the term 'if pigs can fly'? Ever seen this happening? Well guess what? My colleague saw it happening! My colleague happens to own a huge farm in midlands and this weekend he spent his time in that farm house. Needless to say, like the rest of England his house, farm and the pig sty got battered by heavy winds. Because of this the pigs hit the panic button and ran out only to be thrown all over the place. My mate couldn't go out to rescue them coz it was risky for him to go out as well. Then he saw one of the pigs taking off and going over the fence and landing on the other side. Whoa! Its a bird... its a plane... NO!! its a flying pig!!

I have seen storms before but this is the first time I have been through a wind storm. It was just winds and no rains. You could hear the howling and whistling and trees creeking. Some trees would creek so much you would ultimately hear a crack! The whole tree would come down and you would run around making doubly sure that the trees in your garden are safe and thick. Roads got blocked, trains stopped and even airports shut down. All of a good reason for friends to dump themselves in my tiny two bedroom house. We had a gala time cooking and watching movies and trying to squeeze ourselves in just one bed. We played cards - and whoever ended up as 'donkey' had to stay out in the storm for 5 minutes (which invariably ended up more like 10 mins coz we never opened the door once he was out.. haha).

Well storms are fun as long as they don't harm anyone :-)


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