Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Ah well! today is one of those days where nothing seems to go right! The blog is behaving funny. Amrita says she sees funny faces before she actually gets to my page. She also got a pop-up asking for password to enter! It happened to me too. I tried rectifying it but nothing seems to work! Is this because of Haloscan? I don't know but I know that this password thing pops up for me for every page which has Haloscan commenting on it. Livejournal and Blurty and other self-hosted pages work fine. All this started this morning... and as far as I can remember I got up on the right side of the bed too. *sigh*

It was one of those days when I shut the alarm off and wait for 'just two more minutes' and then when I next look at the clock its like one hour has just gone by. Had to rush through everything just to get in time to work. The morning meeting went on for longer than usual and when I got back to my desk I had to reboot my computer. My comp doesn't usually get switched off for weeks together at times. Oh well! Its just one of those days.

Got a mail from Lavanya - a secret admirer of my blog ;-) - about the stem cell issue. She didn't want to use up my comments section coz she had lots to say and hence the e-mail. She raised some real nice questions and it took me quite a bit of thinking to reply to them. I thought it was the Lavanya of the puzzles blog. But now I realise its not - after I mail her.

Ok.. I will stop here. I know its one of my most boring posts. Tomorrow I will try to make it more interesting. And if any of you see funny things while logging on to my page... well all I can say is that 'enjoy the free show'.


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