Monday, November 18, 2002

What in the world is .tv

One of the strangest things (or atleast I find it strange) in London is people distributing pamphlets to one and all. You find such people usually on the exits of tube stations. They distribute pamphlets on varied subjects from - 'how to get thin in 24 hours' to 'save the black-panda'. And yesterday as I came out of the Oxford St tube station, a lady with a very strange accent, thrust a pamphlet at me. I usually recieve them and dump them in the next bin without bothering to read. I know that many students do this as a part time job and they are paid by the number of pamphlets they distribute. So its my way of helping them - by taking and dumping those pamphlets.

But yesterday there was no bin nearby and so as I walked I went through the pamphlet which initially looked like a anti-global warming issue. I thought it would be a amusing read but the fact was - it was more about a country called Tuvalu and how it was submerging every year because of global warming. I was like "yeah right.. it will take ages for any town to sink, let alone a country.. why do people panic??". A litter further reading the pamphlet pointed out that the highest point in that country was only 4.5mts!! That really caught my attention. I wanted to know more about this country (which was the first time I had ever heard of) and so I walked back to the gal.

As I spoke to her she seemed more than happy to talk to me about her country and all. She told me that her country had population of just about 15,000 and it was located near Australia. A small group of islands that faced havoc every time there was storms - despite the feeble dikes they had built. And the only income they had was through tourism and bit of fish and palm exports. She was a UK sponsored student and she was doing her bit to help her country by spreading information. And the pamphet gave out another intersting story. The .tv internet suffix!! (for India - .in is the internet suffix). And because .tv is good for television and media companies - they earn royalty revenue by letting others use it! Wow!! Anyways.. I thought how nice to see a girl do so much for her nation - despite have loads to study and so little funds.


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