Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Something has been bothering me all day-long. I have been thinking about how the Lebanese women are. Their most common interest is money. Most of those I know only date wealthy men who can spend large sums of money on them. They look for men with beautiful cars and men who dress well. They date the guy untill they suck the blood out of him, and he is no longer willing to sacrifice more for them. The question is, what makes these women any different from prostitutes? Is it the mode of payment? Perhaps that is the only difference there is. These ugly thoughts are hauntung me, I can't stop thinking about how people are.

I didn't write that. But Lebanese did. I think her real name is Grace and couldn't follow up on this topic with her because she doesn't have a comments section on her blog. I got to her blog through Wael's who is also from Lebanon but is presently studying in the USA. But those words she wrote made me think a lot. How much truth is there in that statement? Personally I would say - very little though I would be lieing if I said such a trend is not emerging in our urban cities. I seriously couldn't comment or vouch for more because I am not the type of person who dates different people every weekend. In fact I don't even chase girls because one scar from the past is enough for me.

In this context how different are the guys? Do they chase only so called 'good looking' gals without actually getting to know them or their character? Are they any better when they say 'I love you' when they know the girl for only 20 minutes or so? Is such a behaviour worse than what the girls that Grace describes? So many questions... so few answers.


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