Tuesday, November 12, 2002

College life...

The best part of college life (depending on how you look at it) is the lack of money. Its that time in our life when we truly value money more than anything else. During my college days in LSE, I would literally go out to super markets and search for packets of noodles that were on discount. I bought toothpastes that would come with a free tooth-brush. In fact I remember once going into a shop to buy something on sale and unfortunately the sale had got over that day. So I wrote a check for £0.55 while the girl on the till machine gave me this bizzare look. My most prized possesion was my student id card because it got me 33% discount for movies and travel. If you were not broke - then you are rich!!

Of course the hostel rooms were another thing. When I first walked into the hostel room I saw some of the stuff that my old student had left behind (like stickers on the mirror) and they were still there when I vacated the room. I think its a sin to expect students to be clean. In all my college life I probably cleaned my room only a handful of times. Taking showers was for the previleged few who could get up early, who had finished all their assigments and readings, and actually liked to get wet. Mac burgers that were lying on the table for last two days was not only acceptabel but still considered to be edible. Coke and other drinks ofcourse never have any expiry date on them.

The public telephones in the hostel corridors were more of a play gadget - people pressing 999 (emergency police number) and swearing the hell out at the listener. One person I know dialled 999 and complained that he couldn't peel the orange properly and he needed urgent help. Another person dialled and said he couldn't screw the bulb in and he needed to hand in an assignment and so this was an 'emergency' call. Of course the cops never turned up.

I could go on and on... but will end with one message. Those of you studying at colleges - enjoy your life. Play pranks on friends and teachers and of course study (in that order). You will miss that life a lot once you start working. :-)


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