Thursday, November 14, 2002

Bushmen of America...

"You are either with us or not with us..." Remember this idiotic statement by Bush that divided the world into unequal halves? Well well, ever since then I have been wondering which side Bush is on. Ok in order to really drive home my point I would have to delve into Bush's family history. So people who don't like politics are hereby warned to proceed at their own risk.

Of course what I state here is all drawn from the internet and I wouldn't claim that they are my individual research works. All I am trying to do is to project Bush's double standards. In times of war it is well known that countries freeze the accounts of enemy country corporations. On Oct 20, 1942 the US government froze the assets of Union Banking Corp in NY city. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of our very own Dubya, was the director of this venture and the other major share holders were E Harriman and three German Nazi executives. This Harriman, in many other articles, has been pointed out as the financier for Hitler. (Ah! the plot thickens!!). Of course the corporation was shut down because of trading with the enemy - and some articles say they continued to trade by defying the orders.

Therefore sleeping with the enemy is nothing strange for the Bushmen. Arab people are attractive because of the black gold they possess and naturally one of the richest family in Saudi Arabia - the Bin Laden family - attracted them. How this connection developed is quite a long story. Senior Bush was the director of the CIA well before he became the President. During that time one of his buddies was James Bath, an aircraft broker and a portfolio manager for Sheik Mahfouz's money. This sheikh was the largest share holder of BCCI -yep, the same bank that went bust because of scandals involving drugs and smuggling. Investigations revealed that Bath had invested loads of money in Bush's oil ventures.

There are several cases of how Bush makes his money by selling his oil stocks just before a disaster happens and I will not delve into them. One prime case is its investments in the Harken's Corporation - where Bush sold his stocks just before the Gulf war and made a whooping amount. The Sheikh I mentioned before, supposedly known as the "Kings treasurer", had also invested in Carlyle Group - a defense related company. Senior Bush was on the Board of Directors of this company. Mahfouz was also the money manager of Bin Laden family. As you can see this is all a big muck up and they are all circulating their funds with each other. Another thing is that Caryle was financed by Osama’s elder brother, Salem and that both presidents Bush had lucrative stakes along with the bin Ladens in Carlyle Corporation, a small private company which has gone on to become one of America's biggest defence contractors. The bin Ladens sold their stake in Carlyle soon after September 11. One of major investors in Carlyle is UNOCAL (aaah.. how enlightening!!).

Well I'm tired of writing this. So I will end here. I am sick of looking at this war on terror, which is basically all about oil and money in reality. Oh yeah.. while reading all this I found some interesting links to Clintons links to China. Maybe one day when I am in the mood I will write "Adventures of Clinton in China".

And yeah.. don't ask me the sources. Just search for key words on Google and you will find dozens of backup support for my arguments.


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