Friday, November 08, 2002

Memories of another day

When I was a little kid, well actually not so little but around 13 years old, I used to fantasise a lot. To be honest even now I fantasise a lot and when I am bored I spend a lot of time day dreaming lots of things. During our school days we had to read a lot of books. In fact everyday between 12 and 12:30 in the afternoon we had to compulsoryly read a story book or novel. The good part was that we used to sit out in the lawn and not inside the class but bad part was that we were all hungry. Most of us used to read Famous Five or Secret Seven or something like that but some who wanted to show off would actually pretend to read Alistiar McLean.

On one such afternoon I was reading a fantasy book which had loads of pictures in it. The story was about a boy who is really poor and to look after his little sister he goes around begging. On one sorry day he doesn't get any alms and so he, along with his sister, goes into the forest and sits crying because of hunger. After a while he looks around and he sees a lone fruit hanging at the top of an apple tree. He is surprised that tree is sorrounded by thorny bushes and also because apples were not a common fruit where he lived. He crawls through the thorns and climbs up, and despite his aching hunger he gives the fruit to his sister. Looking at the joy in his little sister's eyes he wishes that she is always happy. From that moment his entire luck changes because he had been sitting under a magical tree and whoever ate that fruit, his wishes would come true.

I shut the book and quickly turned around. Across the compound and inside our playing field there was a lone apple tree. It was also sorrounded by throny bushes and none of us kids bothered to pluck apples from it because there were others in our dormitories that were not so hard to reach. The bulb on my head burnt brightly :)) At 12:30 sharp when all the kids ran to the kitchen, I ran the opposite direction. With great difficulty I squeezed myself through the thorny bushes. I crawled up the tree and plucked the apple. ~ I wished that I could fly ~ and *chomp chomp* down it went my belly. And so honestly did I believe that I could fly now, I actually jumped from the middle of the tree with my arms spread out. ||THUD||. No need to explain what happened after that except that I used my choicest words on that book and headed for lunch.

Even till date I remember that funny episode in my life. And even now almost everyday I wish that I can fly :-)


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