Thursday, November 07, 2002

What I really really like...

When a two year old kid, holds on to my finger and expects me to lead him. Its so cute to see that their whole palm is wrapped around just one finger of mine and they place their full trust in me to lead them on. Of course the thumb on their other hand is in their mouth :))

When I travel second class in a train and go on a tour with my friends. When we get down at each and every station and buy peanuts, guavas, oranges, salted cucumber and all those goodies :))

When I go for a walk after a wet rainy evening with my friends and the air seems so fresh. And a lone 'butta' guy pulls his cart in front of you. I love eating butta with chilli powder and lime smeared on it :))

When my Ma or Sis keep watering something which looks like a dry stick. But one day when you walk past it you see small curled up leaves sprouting. Its so nice to see something come to life :))

When I lift a chicken that has been roosting for some time. And there is that special warmth on the egg when I touch it. I always wonder how the chick that is forming inside feels like :))

I could write so many more... but I will keep them for another day. I'm just happy that so many wonderful things happen around me and bring me joy - even if they are of little significance :))


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