Monday, February 17, 2003

Time to switch off

Wanted to post something about war today. I spent a large part of the weekend reading about Iraq's past and America's involvement with that country over the ages. I wrote a looonnng post just for today and when I finished the last sentence, I just felt I was wasting my time. Off late I am getting tired talking about war. So I am just going to shut up for a while and enjoy reading others views. And when I find some nice link I will just put it up. Like in this article, K Subrahmanyam Defence analyst and consulting editor, TOI, makes an interesting case of why India should support US in the war. Basically what he states is that Bharat Mata should drop her morals in stark nudity and stand side by side with Americans, because only Uncle Sam is capable of having an erection. I wonder why in my school days we were taught to differentiate between good morals and bad evils if at the end of the day all that counts is being supreme.

Meanwhile I am concentrating on a new blog. It is dedicated to the history of my state - Karnataka. I am going to find all the info there is about Karnataka on the web and put it up in one area - right from pre-historic times to the present. I am already enjoying it since I have learnt much about my state that I had not known. The blog is up but since most of the information is not organised, I am going to delay its launch for a while. Oh how I wish some of my fellow bloggers, who scream for oil.. errr..blood, would delve into history before they took to arms. ;-)

UPDATE: In line with my theme of posting nice links, here is one for Shanti. Mainly coz in one of her comments she asked me to point to one Iraqi who was against war. Salam Pax is an Iraqi blogger and used to blog regularly from Baghdad. He lost access to Blogger at the beginning of the month due to some firewall restrictions and Iraqi government switching off the net access to public. I landed up at his site just days before he shut down but his archives are a good read. Here is his reply to an American (whom he calls as the newest member of the 'shut up and say thank you club') who told him the war would do Iraqi people good.


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