Tuesday, February 11, 2003

The making of Second Blood

Seriously, how long do you think it will take the people of Hollywood to come up with a movie on Iraq war? I have a feeling the bloody part of the war will be over quite quick. Of course there will be a bit of cleaning up or trashing the odd soldiers who put a puny resistance. But should the war start on say March 6th, I presume it will be over by end of May.

You must be thinking why I chose March 6th for the starting day of war? Well it makes sense. March 5th is the last day of the Holy Month when Muslims will visit Mecca. The next day is Thursday. So on the night of March 6th / early morning March 7th (being Friday) will be the most likely time of attack. Just like it did in the first Gulf war - on the night of Jan 17th America and its allies started their attacks.

Ok back to saner things in life - like movies! I wonder who will play the role of Saddam. How about Arnold Schwarzenegger with a moustache? Ok ok.. I know Saddam is not so muscular... but hey Hollywood movies always depict the enemy as larger than lfie. Arny's accent could give a further realism (remember Arny speaking Arabic in True Lies?). The tough call will be on finding a perfect match for Bush. It’s hard to find someone who will match his intellect. Probably with a little bit of Bush-isms the movie could be a action / true story / comedy block buster. I reckon we will see "Second Blood - part 1" by the second anniversay of 9/11 (First Blood is exclusively for Stalonne and Vietnam).

Of course Hollywood will need help from their counterparts in Bollywood because this story will need a heroine if it is to attract audience. And only our Bollywood directors have mastered the art of sprinkling in oomph looking ladies especially when they are not relevant. Probably it will go down in history as the first Hollywood & Bollywood co-production. I just can't wait to see this movie hit the theatres ;-)


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