Thursday, February 13, 2003

What a shame

What a shame indeed. Shame for humanity and for cricket. Finally England had its way of not playing in the Zimbabwe during this world cup. I have spoken loudly and debated against this issue with my colleagues here in London. And to be honest they are more confused than I am. Maybe it is me who needs a lesson in logic and reasoning (I can see some of you agreeing whole heartedly by nodding your head).

Lets see, we have British White Farmers being forced out of Zimbabwe and they are trying to fight back. We might have some Mugabe supporters in the stand who want see the Farmers give up their land and go back to England... Then we have Non-Supporters protesting outside the stadium. This is a big BIG issue according to my fellow Englishmen. I cooly asked them - how would you feel if the 5% of the Asians (like me) controlled 90% of your prime farm land, and expected all the whites to work for me? Hyuk hyuk, that tickled them right to their bones.

Well at least we know that Zimbawe isn’t a democracy; but then again what do we make of the Tory party member who wants all asylum seekers sent back as he claims they are all "Terrorists"!! Hell ya, everyone has the freedom to exhibit their ignorance.

Couple this with the High Lords of morals and ethics, the Austrailians (you in the back, stop shouting 'shame Warne'), who feel that it would be against their principles to play in Zimbabwe. Aren't these the same cricketers who shouted 'Black Cu*t' and 'Black Monkey' to the touring members of the Srilankan team? Of course the Australian crowd had much better slang vocabulary than its players. Hell ya, its a free world - what's wrong in a bit of racism.

Only disclaimer is that, this post is in no way my justification of Mugabes rule. Rather I wish he is on the next hit list of Americans. I just feel upset that these morally drunk countries get away so lightly. I hope Zimbabwe players cancel their tour of England.


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