Tuesday, November 26, 2002

"We learn from mistakes...or do we?"

The map below shows our planet in a very unique way. It shows the intensity of wars during 20th century. Four world maps showing four different quarters [top left is 1900-1925, top right is 1926-1950, bottom left is 1951-1975 and bottom right is 1976-2000].

courtsey of Matthew: http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/20centry.htm

How much has this world changed over the last 100 years? Not much. I see a lot of red all over and our own fight for Independence is not that bright (considering millions died!). So you can imagine how much more wrath there must have been in other places. Look at Africa, its colour has not changed much over the last one century. In fact its got worse over the last 50 years, while Russia is slowly cooling down. Australia has been quite all the way through.

I'm sure as I write this, you all must have already looked at USA. Pretty cool uh? No reds at all. The country that goes to war at the drop of a hat has not fought any wars on its own soil. Maybe that's the reason it doesn't know the pain a war can cause. Maybe that's the reason why its economy went steaming ahead after the World Wars, while every other country struggled to recover from the fury of guns and bombs.

All this in just one century. Imagine if we were to plot charts for the last 2000 years. I don't think man will ever learn to live in peace. (Ok ok... I can hear someone groaning 'when will this guy stop ranting about wars?')


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