Thursday, November 21, 2002

War or development??

How do you think this Jew felt? His parents, his kids and his wife have all been shot right in front of him. He was asked to dig the pit and dump their bodies in there and then asked to step inside. And this photo shows him just moments away from being shot.

Off late I have been doing a lot of reading on wars and all - especially WW II. I actually picked up reading about WW II planes and fighter aircrafts but that led me onto the atrocities and all such sort of stuff. I fail to understand how mankind can ever digest the fact that they glorify war and war 'so called' heros.

Well that said, the irony is that most of the research and man-kinds major discoveries have taken place in times of war. Is that any type of trade-off that can ever be justified. Wars for development?


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