Monday, November 25, 2002

"Hey Nathuram!"

I am an avid time-travel freak. I mean it. I believe someday - if mankind exists long enough - we will discover the secrets of time travel. I read a lot of books and hypothetical theories on time travel. The classic, yet mundane, question that I get on time travel is "what if one were to go back in time and kill the parents of the scientist who invents the time machine?" Yes that's a paradox but its much harder to explain why such a situation is not possible. I would have to go about explaining the concept of parellel universes etc, which would take up several blog posts.

About two years ago, I started to write a novel (stop laughing!!) with the plot set during the Indian independence movement. I stopped writing after the first chapter but the crux of the story was that the famous freedom fighters whom we know today, were actually from the future. They were scientists and parlimentarians who after much debate decide to go back in time to alter certain things. Ok this may offend some of you, but in my novel Gandhi and Godse were both members of RSS in the year 2169AD, and in the Parliamentary debate they both have different views on what should / should not be interfered with when they visit the past. I had made use of incidents like, the unexplained deaths of Subash Chandra Bose and many others, to spice up the story.

But my best part in that was the use of Gandhi's famous last words "Hey Ram!" When Gandhi is shot, he staggers back a couple of steps and holding to his bleeding chest he recognises Godse, since according to my story both of them come back in time together to alter the course of destiny. As Gandhi collapses from the gun shots he looks at Godse and utters "Hey Ram". My story implies that what Gandhi actually meant was "Hey Nathuram!", because throughout my half-finsihed novel Gandhi always refers to Nathuram Godse as just Ram.

Cruel and disgusting twists? Or a cunning plot??


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