Tuesday, October 15, 2002

When TV first came to India in the form of Doordarshan, there was one thing that I really enjoyed watching - advertisements. But once the cable made its foray into our lives remote controls, which hitherto was just a free gadget, came of some use. Unless the ad was good we would just surf the channels. In fact I think remote controls have been the bane of quite a few family feuds; while the daily soap is being aired there is usually another soap happening within the house as to who should control the remote ;-)

Yesterday while watching TV I saw this ad: Use 'new' and 'improved' Head & Shoulders shampoo for a bouncier and dandruff free healthy hair. Something about that ad was odd and it took me a moment to figure it out. How can something 'new' be also 'improved'? Or for that matter how can something 'improved' be also 'new'? These guys certainly take us for a ride.


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