Saturday, October 05, 2002

I’m God fearing all right but hey even I have my itsy bitsy doubts about God. We Hindus have so many Gods, sheez it would take me years to just name them. But every day when I pray I sort of look at the images and think “hmmm.. does God still look like this? I mean does He still wear ‘dhoti’ around his waist or has He shifted to jeans and t-shirt? Does He still have a conch and a lotus in his hand, or has He graduated to mobiles and laptops?”

I’m sure quite a few of us have thought like that. And sometimes when I walk on the streets and see idiotic and vulgar behavior, I kinda get my doubts on God. As Calvin tells Hobbes, its kinda hard to believe in God, when He doesn’t strike certain people down with bolts of lightning.


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