Saturday, September 28, 2002

Roughly 150 years ago, a few Britishers decided to scale the high mountains that blocked their access to the sea coast on the west side of South India. In fact if they could cut through these mountains, they could reduce their journey to the vast Indian plateau by several days. During the years that followed many journeys were made over these mountains and the beauty and the cool weather of the Nilgiri forests beckoned the travellers to return every summer. Gradually a church was established and a small town began to form with mainly British population and some natives who worked as slaves to them.

Word gradually spread about the splendor of these mountains and many generals in the British army would come and visit this place. There was an urgent need for a lodging facility and hence a small hotel called High Clerc hotel cropped up. In 1901, this hotel also became a school run by missionaries for the children who were growing up there. It was a very secluded place high in the Palani hills and in fact it was so secluded that the school came to know that India had become independent only in late 1948 when a distict collector was surveying the area to make a map.

The small hotel had now become a full fledged school and in mid 70’s it became an international school. The name of the school is Kodaikanal International School which turned 101 years this month. It’s the school that I studied and spent some of the best years of my life. I’m sure we all are proud of our schools but I dare say none more than me. Click here to see my school.


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